Launching the Islamic Gold Dinar of Kelantan

by Alawiyah Abdul Rahman Vadillo

The man behind the major decision in the Islamic Gold Dinar of Kelantan has been Datuk Husam Musa. He visited Achnagairn in 1995 and at that time the idea of the gold dinar made his eyes shone. Umar Pasha and Hjh Nik Mahani are the 'bull-dozers'. Umar Pasha is the one that pushed hard on the matter, as the Kelantan Government was so adamant, until February 2010 about the whole thing. The task, however, has not been an easy one. Many times, Umar Pasha's trips to Kelantan were proven futile. The decision making process was painfully slow, the local Goverment could not decide any earlier.

The leading and visionary person in the Government is Datuk Husam Musa. Charismatic and at the same time a modest and timid person.  Umar Pasha has been busy having many meetings at personal level with the relevant ulema to clarify the knowledge of the implementation of Islamic currency and zakat; and he has had several personal meetings with the president of the Islamic Party (ruling Kelantan) to tidy up the rough edges.

When the freshly minted coins finally arrived in Kuala Lumpur on the 8 June 2010, Umar Pasha and Hjh Nik Mahani flew to Kota Bahru, the capital of Kelantan. Umar was taken immediately to Datuk Husam's house to show him the coins. When Umar arrived, Datuk Husam opened the box, saw the coins and immediately did wudu and performed 2 raka'at of gratitude. When he finished, he could not get up and he was weeping. He had to be helped and held up to be seated. Umar Pasha was deeply moved by this.

Datuk Husam is on record as saying: “The introduction of the gold dinar is not reminiscing the nostalgia of the past, it is the bringing back the forgotten sunnah”.

The official launching of the gold dinar will take place around the middle of August, in the beginning of Ramadan and together with the launching of paying zakat with it. The Kelantan Government t is going to launch it in a big way. The representatives from Muslim regions of Acheh (Sumatra, Indonesia), Sulu (Southern Philippines), Pattani (Southern Thailand) and others will be invited. It is going to be a great event.

We are now busy preparing of the leaflets and the booklets on the subject in Malay language and updating all related literatures. 

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, 04 Juni 2010
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1  Dinar
R 1450.00


10 Dirham
R 350 .00

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